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Glam Devil Belt/choker

Glam Devil Belt/choker


Size :
The widest point on the necklace measures 12cm and the less wide point measures 7cm, the total length is variable because you can either wear it as a belt or as a necklace

Size as belt: Adjustable from size XS to size M / size 34 to size 38

Size as a necklace: 45/50cm maximum, adjustable on 10/12cm

  • Product Description

    This creation is either a belt or a necklace you can change your look as you wish you just have to unscrew the two small screws on either side of the central part to be able to change the strap and thus make a belt or a necklace according to your desires


    This creation is made of white leather and made of vinyl with a transparent PVC lining all sewn together.


    Already a little black damask jacquard fabric


    The studs, piercing, chicago screws, d-rings and belt buckle are made of stainless steel


    The main pendant is made of acrylic and metal alloy


    A small kit will be delivered with this creation in order to change into a belt or a choker as you wish, it will also contain screws, nails, d-rings as replacements for long-term wear.

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